for all the times i stood you up
and for all the days i didn't care

for all your tears i didn't bother to wipe
and for all your fears i set aside

this sorry might be 5 years too late
the wounds might have healed.

it took a lot of courage to eat the pride
and a lot of faking, my sadness to hide

i hope it's not yet too late
i know you're all better now

thank you that the friendship still remained
thank you that the you are still the same

back to life

when you left the house that day, i felt broken. confused. not knowing where to go and what to do. i felt like i am the girlfriend who just got dumped -- with nowhere to go. too bad, there wasn't even a relationship to begin with.

i cried. the kind of crying you do when someone died. yes, i felt you died. i felt you are never coming back.

but all is clear now. you are different. we are different.
you have a different life. a life i will never want to live. a lifestyle, i will never want to try.

the Lord is good and He answered my prayers.
and now, slowly, i am picking up the pieces of my once shattered self.
slowly, mending the relationships i once have taken for granted.
thankfully, they are still there. thankfully, it was not yet too late.

and then came the realization -- i was never broken. i just chose the wrong priorities. i just chose you.
Akala ko walang luluhang tutulo
Akala ko maluwag kong matatanggap

Yun pala nandiyan lang ang kalungkutan
Yun pala kunyari lang ang saya

Hindi man maibabalik ang lahat
Pero ok na rin

Kailangang ko lang matuto na hindi ka parati nandiyan
Kailangan ko lang maintindihan na wala ka na talaga sa buhay ko
and in one fine morning, in my beautiful future,
i'll break your heart.
happiness is an inside job
what if I say that everytime I see you happy, I am aching inside?
#selfish #notobadvibes
"kapag ba nasaktan ka, may karapatan ka na rin na manakit ng iba?"

well that line definitely made me think. ok. i guess that's how far i will go.

more love. more smile.
sana may isang araw na bumaliktad ang mundo.
yung tipong ikaw ay akin at ako ay iyo.
yung parang lahat ng bituin ay nagsasabing tayo.
at tahimik ang lahat at walang magulo.

sana nga may ganun.
kung saang planeta man yun.
kahit isang araw lang.
kahit isang araw lang.
my heart decided on what my mind refused to accept.