It's like an endless music with no one bothering to listen.
The sound, so loud, coming from within the walls were to heavy to bear.
You tried to find an outlet.
You tried desperately to cope.
You waited for me.

But then I was too busy with my own music that i didn't bother to listen.
-- maybe too selfish to even care.

Now, you shut the music within. Started not to care whether the noise might kill you.
I wanted to aide the pain. I wanted to listen to the bothering noise.

Too late for absolution. Too soon for remorse.

You quietly turned the music down. Stopped the noise from within the walls.

Now, no one will know how deeply the sound hurt.
Now, no one will understand why the joy in your eyes died.

year two

Today marked my 2nd year at Thomson Reuters. Looking back, I never thought 2 years would go by so fast. I can still remember how happy I was the moment I learned I got the job.

I can say that I am contented with where I am right now -- away from all the stress of my previous work's deliverables. I am happy that this is indeed an answer to my prayer. And the Lord even surprised me with a promotion last December and a lot of positive feedbacks.

I love that my mind is at peace right now -- career wise.

And with a silent prayer, I hope that the next 5 years will be more fruitful :)
ang dami dami niyong problema.
ang dami dami niyong iniisip.

gusto ko kayong tulungan.
gusto kong tanggalin ang lungkot.
gusto kong bigyan ng solusyon ang mga problema niyo.

pero, sana naman.. tirahan niyo naman ako ng saya.
paubos na e.
it's just that it's starting to get too quiet.