on parokya high

Last Friday, August 24, me and my friend Joyce went to the Parokya ni Edgar Inuman Sessions Vol 2 album launch. I never thought I'd be going around town just to follow a band. =))

It was a happy and tiring experience -- a lot of lines plus a lot of rain plus no dinner and painful legs -- all for Chito. LOL.

So here's the story: we were there by 430pm to buy the DVDs (a dvd will allow 2 concert pass plus a poster plus a free shirt plus a drink all you can pass) and after struggling through long lines, we were able to make the purchase by 6pm. Then came another line -- the one you need to to get into the activity area. [We were quite pessimistic during this point because we really feel the venue won't be able to fit us and everyone in]. But the Lord is kind enough to let us in :) weeee! We were able to get a goo enough spot around 730. [By the way, there are still alot of people trying to purchase cds/dvds so they can get in].

We are really tired from all the standing and waiting but when the band started their sound check around 830, I completely forgot how tired my feet were. The band is really awesome -- nostalgic at some point, since they were singing their old songs [good thing I still know the lyrics], and the crowd is great! Kamikazee, Gloc-9 and Frank Magalona made it even better.

The concert ended at about 10pm and the authograph signing started 10min after. I was #661 but very willing to wait. haha! Well, at around a quarter before 1, I was able to say hello to Chito <3>I was planning to hug him but then.. I was really so shy (teehee!)

So here's our wedding picture (LOL).
I was really glad to have come over and watch my favorite band play. =))

And here's a picture with Vinci -- who was kind enough to offer me to take a picture. haha! (I was actually planning not to take a picture with him because I thought that he was a snob -- NOT!)

The feeling was so surreal. The timing was perfect.
I needed a shout.
And up until now, =D.
It's been a while since we saw each other face to face.
And I'm sorry but I can't help but stare.

All the memories came back like it was yesterday.
Too bad for me.

And yes, I admit it, you were the one that got away. 

kid's church

It's my 2nd Sunday helping out in the kid's church. It is tiring, yes, but the smiles you see on the kid's faces and the joy you have after each day is beyond compare.

It has always been my dream to be a Sunday school teacher and the Lord gave me a perfect opportunity to be one. I really had a lot of fun during Sunday school and summer Bible school when I was a kid. And I thank my mom for pushing me to attend. I will never forget my very own teachers -- teacher Aisha, teacher Liana and teacher Berns. One day, I want to touch a kids life like they did.

Thank you Lord for this opportunity to touch and be a blessing to the lives of your children. Give me the strength to do this every Sunday. And always keep my heart in check that I only do everything for your glory.

the ;p competition

since the ";p" smiley is the worst and most annoying smiley ever, we decided to compete who gets to do it the best XD
natapos na ang kwento.
sarado na ang libro.
pero bakit pilit sinisilip ang mga pahina ng nakaraan?

umalis na ang mga tao.
sarado na ang pinto.
pero bakit pilit pumapasok, wala namang babalikan?

mahirap itigil ang bagay na nakasanayan na.
mahirap umalis sa mundong kayo mismo ang gumawa.
katulad nga ng sabi sa kanta, "may dulo pala ang langit".

sana sinabi mo.
para nakapaghanda ako.

When you tell all your complains to the Lord, they become prayers.

Huling Sayaw

paalam sa ating huling sayaw
may dulo pala ang langit
kaya't sabay tayong bibitaw
sa ating huling sayaw.


I woke up today with a text message that work is still suspended -- well, for my company. All my other housemates have work. So, here I am trying to find something to do in the internet. And so I happen to pass by a link for a parokya ni edgar inuman session volume one video.

I happen to have a fascination with the band. Reason? Hmmmnn..

Well, honestly, they are not the good looking bunch. They drink and smoke a lot during performances. Plus most of their songs really have no meaning.

What do I get when I listen to them? Well, as I was staring at Chito singing in the video, I suddenly realize why -- PASSION. Even with the most nonsense lyrics he can think of, he still sing every song with passion. And you can see in the band that they are really good friends. The kind of friends who, despite them being old, still knows how to have fun, and by fun, I mean, hilarious fun -- the kind of fun you want to join. And by that I get the "feel good" feeling of belonging to a barkada.

So, cheers to the funny songs and all the happy fans you made all over the whatever world you created!

Still, and I must say, you rock! \m/