..night to day
..tears to smiles
..grief to joy
..loneliness to companionship
..half crazy to peace of mind

a new day has come and all the bad fog that once surrounded me are gone. its a happy day! :) everything is turning out the way it should.. whether good or bad.. its still something i deserve. count your blessings, tin! :)

childHOOD memoRieS

hugs. kisses. playgrounds. bicycles. theme parks. noise. music. songs. love. television. school. friends. games. fooling around. stars. teachers. wishes. dreams. teddy bears. sunday afternoons. sleep. jokes. books. dolls. fights. bruises. laughter. smiles. my dad. my mom. my sister. my brother.


in the silence of the night, i search for you.. in the bliss of dawn, i long for you.. in the midst of my laughter, i miss your smiles..

i can't find you anymore. i run all day long.. searching. searching for that familiar face. the face that used to greet my mornings. the face that captivates my heart. but you -- you're gone. and you're nowhere to be found. the familiar places doesn't seem too familiar anymore. the usual conversations were so different now. the hobbies that became vices were a lot strange.

the night became too cold for me to bare. the mornings became too gloomy for me to face. the calmness of the sea became raging waves that hit the seashore with a loud noise. the birds are not that cheerful anymore. the flowers never bloomed that way they used to. and the silence. the unfathomable silence that slowly breaks my heart -- the kind that so loudly bangs in my ear like a thunder in a storm. the silence that tears all the joy in me.

never again will i hear your laughter. never again will i wipe those tears. never again will i listen to your voice.


i still believe that nothing lasts forever. people change and there's nothing we could do about it. usually, they would never live up to our expectations and most of the time they'll break their promises.

living in a world full of lies. living in a world full of hatred and pride. how worse can it actually get?