reality? nah!

i found him.. answered prayer happily ever after wish on a shooting star
..the joy of my morning
..the song in my heart life happiness

but he never saw the light on my shoulder..
and he just passed me by..

too bad!
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missing it already.. o_O
i saw you with that wierd smile -- the kind that lightens your face and makes your eyes look like a twinkling star. you're happy, i suppose. but then i feel a strange feeling inside. something i can't explain. something i'm actually scared of. something different.

the smile in your eyes -- what causes it? who causes it?

..never want to know.
..never want to find out.

guess i already knew the answer -- and i never liked it.

because until now, i'm still trying to make my mind understand that it never involved the "me" in you.


the rain stopped and the clouds parted.
the sun finally showed it's light.
the ground felt so refreshed;
and the birds started singing..

having you in my life feels like
the earth after the raging storms..

-- joyous and hopeful..
assured and calmed..

without fear
and ready to face the aftermath..


you came..
you left..
sounds simple;
feels like being eaten up inside.