back to life

when you left the house that day, i felt broken. confused. not knowing where to go and what to do. i felt like i am the girlfriend who just got dumped -- with nowhere to go. too bad, there wasn't even a relationship to begin with.

i cried. the kind of crying you do when someone died. yes, i felt you died. i felt you are never coming back.

but all is clear now. you are different. we are different.
you have a different life. a life i will never want to live. a lifestyle, i will never want to try.

the Lord is good and He answered my prayers.
and now, slowly, i am picking up the pieces of my once shattered self.
slowly, mending the relationships i once have taken for granted.
thankfully, they are still there. thankfully, it was not yet too late.

and then came the realization -- i was never broken. i just chose the wrong priorities. i just chose you.