now.. now.. where did they hid that coffee? hehe! finding true friends are the greatest things in the world.. a lot better than finding your coffee beans.. :]
and when you do find them, keep them. never let them go. hold on despite and inspite of everything. give them your trust. give them all your love. forgive them. care for them.
and never ever forget to thank the Lord for them.
such simple blessing that means more than anything in this world, and would definitely make me trade my coffee cup for..


i feel sad today.. i don't know why.. just came home feeling down.. haaaay... circumstances come.. things beyond my control.. things that i never thought would pop up.. certain truths that i never imagined would happen.. and sometimes i think i should learn to accept truths.. even though these truths hurt a lot.. even though these truths scar my already wounded heart.. and even though these truths leave me crying all night...

heartbreaking.. devastating..

and i can't do anything about it.. i can't fight.. i can't whine.. i can't complain..

its actually very simple.. but it bothers me a lot.. maybe because i had a choice and i did not choose that option.. and maybe that's why i'm sad..

could anyone help me? i hope so.. but would anyone come?

breathe.. then think..

is it wrong to hold on to someone who's so eager to let go?
is it wrong to let go of someone who's so eager to hold on?

who should be blamed?
the one letting go?
or the one holding on?

confusing? yup..
and frustrating at the same time..


thursday.. thursday.. thursday: my malas day.. haha! grabe.. wala akong nagawa ngayon.. was supposed to get documents before i move to manila.. but unexpected things came up.. haaaaaaaaay... everything was just messed up.. started the day believing that i could actually finish all my errands, unfortunately wasn't able to..

thursday.. thursday.. hirap ng life.. especially when you're so helpless about something you actually could do something about.. sounds crazy, huh? yup.. IT is crazy.. and it just leaves all the people involved hanging..

its funny how someone you hold dear to your heart could think of oneself without thinking if he/she could hurt another person.. chaining you beside him/her.. with the keys thrown in a haystack.. so selfish.. so unfair.. and being with persons like this is more than being kept behind bars for the rest of your life.. what sucks about it is that you did not commit any crime.. you did not do anything.. and you're completely innocent..

haaay... grow up people!


nakikita niyo ba tong magandang babaeng ito? yan ang best friend ko.. c cloudz.. pasaway? oo.. mabait? oo.. makulit? oo maganda? oo naman.. :] she's been through a lot.. but she actually emerged strong despite everything.. pretty pa nga db? although may times na she'd breakdown, e on certain occasions lang un.. haaay.. life.. need to enjoy life or you'll end up lonely, sad and disappointed..

to my kapatid.. my bestfriend.. i would really look forward to the day when smile would be more sincere, laughs would sound like thunder, those cute eyes won't tear any more and that heart would ache no more..

stay pretty! mwah!

sleep well! ;p

wouldn't it be the nicest feeling in the world being watched over while you sleep? fearing about absolutely nothing because you have this certain assurance that no one would harm you as you dream the night away.. that someone is really thinking about you while you sleep.. but all these are just part of the dream you'll have tonight.. it might happen.. yes, but better just smile at the thought that it might happen...

grow up!

ever felt like you want to die? that you want to just feel numb about everything bad going on in ur life? haaay.. that reeaaaaaaaaaaally sucks! sana pwede ung mamatay ka ngayon then mabubuhay ka ulit days or weeks from now.. hehe! that would really make the world a better place.. parang fresh start lagi.. unfortunately, di un pwede.. i guess we just have to suffer the consequences of our choices and decisions from the past... in that way we learn.. we grow.. and i hope we don't get stucked with the same situation and feeling in the future because that only makes us a lot dumber...

me the bum

gosh.. blog.. haha! actually.. i have no idea bakit ako gumagawa ng blog.. wala kasi akong magawa and i heard masaya din namang magpost ng kung anoano dito.. anyway... just want to air out pieces of my crazy mind.. if you find something interesting.. that would really be nice.. if not, then who cares? blog ko to noh.. gawa ka din ng blog mo.. haha! bitter?