i feel sad today.. i don't know why.. just came home feeling down.. haaaay... circumstances come.. things beyond my control.. things that i never thought would pop up.. certain truths that i never imagined would happen.. and sometimes i think i should learn to accept truths.. even though these truths hurt a lot.. even though these truths scar my already wounded heart.. and even though these truths leave me crying all night...

heartbreaking.. devastating..

and i can't do anything about it.. i can't fight.. i can't whine.. i can't complain..

its actually very simple.. but it bothers me a lot.. maybe because i had a choice and i did not choose that option.. and maybe that's why i'm sad..

could anyone help me? i hope so.. but would anyone come?

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  1. ngaun ko pa lng nabasa ng tuluyan tong message mo my dear sister..
    aren't you telling me something..
    what's bothering you?
    and seems like..till now u stil feel this way..
    it's not just me who isn't smiling sincerely..even you..
    please tell me..
    i'm worried...

    love you..