now.. now.. where did they hid that coffee? hehe! finding true friends are the greatest things in the world.. a lot better than finding your coffee beans.. :]
and when you do find them, keep them. never let them go. hold on despite and inspite of everything. give them your trust. give them all your love. forgive them. care for them.
and never ever forget to thank the Lord for them.
such simple blessing that means more than anything in this world, and would definitely make me trade my coffee cup for..


  1. eohello kapatid..you're right..
    thank the Lord for having the greatest friends on earth..
    and i especially thank Him for giving you.. :)

    iloveyou.... miss na kita kapatid..hehe!

  2. hello kapatid.. how are you.. are you aware that I'm getting worried about you...you seem so bothered lately.. when I learned na hindi ka nakatulog, at kinakabahan ka... naisip ko, sana hindi na ko natulog nun..para nabantayan kita.. sorry.. :(

    i hope you'll befine.. we don't talk much lately..but I wan't you to know.. I'll just be here.. and I miss you.. and of course.. i love you.. you know that.. ;)