thursday.. thursday.. thursday: my malas day.. haha! grabe.. wala akong nagawa ngayon.. was supposed to get documents before i move to manila.. but unexpected things came up.. haaaaaaaaay... everything was just messed up.. started the day believing that i could actually finish all my errands, unfortunately wasn't able to..

thursday.. thursday.. hirap ng life.. especially when you're so helpless about something you actually could do something about.. sounds crazy, huh? yup.. IT is crazy.. and it just leaves all the people involved hanging..

its funny how someone you hold dear to your heart could think of oneself without thinking if he/she could hurt another person.. chaining you beside him/her.. with the keys thrown in a haystack.. so selfish.. so unfair.. and being with persons like this is more than being kept behind bars for the rest of your life.. what sucks about it is that you did not commit any crime.. you did not do anything.. and you're completely innocent..

haaay... grow up people!

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