nakikita niyo ba tong magandang babaeng ito? yan ang best friend ko.. c cloudz.. pasaway? oo.. mabait? oo.. makulit? oo maganda? oo naman.. :] she's been through a lot.. but she actually emerged strong despite everything.. pretty pa nga db? although may times na she'd breakdown, e on certain occasions lang un.. haaay.. life.. need to enjoy life or you'll end up lonely, sad and disappointed..

to my kapatid.. my bestfriend.. i would really look forward to the day when smile would be more sincere, laughs would sound like thunder, those cute eyes won't tear any more and that heart would ache no more..

stay pretty! mwah!

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  1. hai ai lin..thanks for that, buti nilagyan mo ng 'maganda' hehe ... uhm, i want you to know that i thank god for having you as my bestfriend.. don't worry, someday, makikita mo ulit and 'sincere smile' sa pretty face na to..hahaha.. pinanindigang maganda eh,hehe! anyways, looking forward for a grand Bora getaway with you... hoy, uwi ka na ng Manila, miss na kita,hehe.. love you much!
    -=ai quan=-