I woke up today with a text message that work is still suspended -- well, for my company. All my other housemates have work. So, here I am trying to find something to do in the internet. And so I happen to pass by a link for a parokya ni edgar inuman session volume one video.

I happen to have a fascination with the band. Reason? Hmmmnn..

Well, honestly, they are not the good looking bunch. They drink and smoke a lot during performances. Plus most of their songs really have no meaning.

What do I get when I listen to them? Well, as I was staring at Chito singing in the video, I suddenly realize why -- PASSION. Even with the most nonsense lyrics he can think of, he still sing every song with passion. And you can see in the band that they are really good friends. The kind of friends who, despite them being old, still knows how to have fun, and by fun, I mean, hilarious fun -- the kind of fun you want to join. And by that I get the "feel good" feeling of belonging to a barkada.

So, cheers to the funny songs and all the happy fans you made all over the whatever world you created!

Still, and I must say, you rock! \m/

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