on parokya high

Last Friday, August 24, me and my friend Joyce went to the Parokya ni Edgar Inuman Sessions Vol 2 album launch. I never thought I'd be going around town just to follow a band. =))

It was a happy and tiring experience -- a lot of lines plus a lot of rain plus no dinner and painful legs -- all for Chito. LOL.

So here's the story: we were there by 430pm to buy the DVDs (a dvd will allow 2 concert pass plus a poster plus a free shirt plus a drink all you can pass) and after struggling through long lines, we were able to make the purchase by 6pm. Then came another line -- the one you need to to get into the activity area. [We were quite pessimistic during this point because we really feel the venue won't be able to fit us and everyone in]. But the Lord is kind enough to let us in :) weeee! We were able to get a goo enough spot around 730. [By the way, there are still alot of people trying to purchase cds/dvds so they can get in].

We are really tired from all the standing and waiting but when the band started their sound check around 830, I completely forgot how tired my feet were. The band is really awesome -- nostalgic at some point, since they were singing their old songs [good thing I still know the lyrics], and the crowd is great! Kamikazee, Gloc-9 and Frank Magalona made it even better.

The concert ended at about 10pm and the authograph signing started 10min after. I was #661 but very willing to wait. haha! Well, at around a quarter before 1, I was able to say hello to Chito <3>I was planning to hug him but then.. I was really so shy (teehee!)

So here's our wedding picture (LOL).
I was really glad to have come over and watch my favorite band play. =))

And here's a picture with Vinci -- who was kind enough to offer me to take a picture. haha! (I was actually planning not to take a picture with him because I thought that he was a snob -- NOT!)

The feeling was so surreal. The timing was perfect.
I needed a shout.
And up until now, =D.

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