agtungtung ta..

hahaha! i really am unproductive.. can't think of anything to do.. i have read all my books.. and i'm bored.. or maybe i'll just finish my plants vs zombies game.. haaaay.. but i want ot play cooking mama.. nooOoooo!!!

waiting for my lunch to get warm.. haha! yep, leftovers!!! i'm done with all the harvesting and serving and socializing from my facebook account so here i am scribbling my thoughts.. which, unfortunately, are not making any sense.. too bad!

it's so hot and i'm so lazy to turn the fan on.. or even to change the channel.. (i'm currently watching living asia channel.. crap) maybe moving my hand muscles won't hurt..

planning on places i want to go to.. unfortunately, i still don't have the funds yet.. haha! how i wish someone would treat me.. how i wish.. :(

haha! too tired to think.. too lazy to move.. desperate.. broken.. broke! i'm broke!

now, you wouldn't understand how it is to be in my shoes.. how much more survive it!


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