reunited [ˌriːjuːˈnaɪted]

01.16.10 location: dampa

the much awaited "reunion".. finally!

leander, neil, ashley, diana, jessa, aika plus raymond, aouie and princess..
dinner includes sweet spicy crabs, baked mussels, bakes scallops, grilled pork and shrimp in sweet sauce.. haha! o db? seafood ang drama namin.. hehe!

plus diana's so slow and aika's remember me this way sa robbie's.. almost antok na pero di pa rin napigilan ang mga sarili para magvideoke..

lowest score : courtesy of princess @ 64
highest score: courtesy of aika @ 88
best duet of the night: tina and neil.. song? if you seek amy? (haha! db panalo?)

really had so much fun! ;) happiness!

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