it was my first! :)

july 18th marked my very first fun run :) though me and my friends just did the 3k, what the heck? it's a fun run anyway? why take the extra effort when you can just have fun? haha!

it was the One family, one La Salle run at The Fort -- it started around 6am.. but we had to be at the venue by 430.. so much for a good night rest.. (saturday was another story). Spending 300Php for registration and 400Php for the skirt wasn't so bad.. cheers to good health, i guess?


it boiled down to a bumming out sunday.. we watched the blind side, the hangover and cloudy with a chance of meatballs over bottled water, mr. chips, spaghetti and pizza..

isaw and balut was next plus pop sakto.. :)

haha! uber fun!


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