fresh out of 2010

it felt like 2010 passed me by without even saying hi. too bad. it started slow but ended with a blast.
now, with the Lord in my heart, this new year can never break my spirit!
bring it on 2011!

2010. good times.

january. month 1. tina the bum.
one thing that kept me sane -- facebook!

february. month 2. tina the advicer.
love the love month.

march. month 3. tina the employed.
the Lord did open a beautiful door of opportunity! Goodbye High Performance. Delivered. Hello We help the legal system perform better. Everyday. Worldwide. :) Now, I think that sounded a LOT better!

april. month 4. tina the trainee.
It took long hours and a lot of coping up; but the excitement to come to work never faded.
Goodbye stress!

may. month 5. tina and the sun.
The month of May will never be complete without the water, the tan and the suit.

june. month 6. tina and the bride.
June equals weddings! and what could be more magical and perfectly sweet than seeing a couple who practically loved, fought and eventually promised to love each other til their last breath right before your eyes.
Best wishes!

july. month 7. tina the bestfriend. the adventurer.
a month full of activities! fun run. wall climbing. photography. swimming.
one word: LEGENDARY!
july is always leo's month. so, let's not take the limelight out of the birthday boy.
happy 26th! :D love love!

august. month 8. tina and hibernation.
i literally cannot think of anything I did for august.
i think we got all tired from the adventures of july that's why we decided to rest all august ;)

september. month 9. tina and the smiles.
it's appreciating you day and what better way to express our gratitude than saying "thank you" :D
because.. you simply, make me smile!

october. month 10. the busy tina.
i guess october is the month where we had the most workload since i can't recall anything i did during this month.
oh! my sister left for japan. plus i did a lot of visits to rosewood :)

november. month 11. tina amidst balloons and surfboards.
yep! i did it! my first surfing experience. and it was TOTALLY WICKED!
plus my birthday wasn't even close to a disaster -- despite failed birthday plans.
good movie + new shoes + best friend - dysmenorrhea = happy tina.

december. month 12. tina the dreamer.
december came as a big surprise.
first, a picture with mark nelson from the awesome year end party

second, the out of this world recognition event

third, the heartbreaking death of my grandfather

fourth, celebrating christmas and new year with my family.
plus a lot of answered prayers.

oh yeah! 2010 indeed rocked \m/

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