we will never know better than God.

Today marked the day 3 Filipinos are executed in China. It makes a lot of Filipinos sad, including myself, but my heart goes out to the thousand of Filipinos still wanting to leave the country to find a "greener pasture". They are still trapped in the idea that there is no hope in our country. That we will never succeed here.

I can't blame them. Maybe they need to learn to have more faith. Maybe they should better understand the concept of trusting the Lord. I am not being self righteous here, but Luke 12:22-31 clearly states that we should not worry about what we will eat or drink, or what we will wear. We should not go ahead of the Lord and His plans for our lives.

If only we wait. If only we trust. If only we keep ourselves deeply rooted in God's truths instead of us worrying about what will happen to us, then maybe, there will be no more cases like this -- where Filipino families will bear the pain of seeing their loved ones executed in another country. When all they wanted was to provide their families a better life.

Pray. That's all we could do.

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