chain of unfortunate events

I don't usually rant here, but I guess it will do me good to post something about my day.

My list of (Un)fortunate Events. (This did came in chronological order)
  1. Woke up 30 minutes later than my alarm -- I guess, I must've uncounciously cancelled the alarm instead of just putting it to snooze.
  2. The tale of the packed lunch -- Well, I forgot to remove the food my mom prepared for me in the freezer, so naturally, my supposed-to-be-lunch is as hard as a rock! (Thank you Science for reminding me of your absolute laws on temperature.) So, I have to literally chop a whole chunk just so it can fit in my container but then at the last minute decided to bring the whole thing - changing containers 3 times wouldn't be that hard if only (a) the plastic isn't that oily; (b) I can find a container big enough for the big chunk of food (c) it's not yet 6:30 in the clock.
  3. It's raining and I have no umbrella. My roomate, who, borrowed my umbrella, destroyed it last weekend. And I think she has no plans of replacing it. Oh well!
  4. My slippers snapped! Yes it did! After 3 years of hard labor, it finally gave in. Thankfully I'm still a couple of meters away from home.
  5. My shoes snapped! While walking to the office, it suddenly snapped! Thankfully, I was still able to walk with them all the way to the building. (so much for a newly bought shoe!)
  6. I left my badge. Pretty self explanatory, I guess. And I don't even know the guard on duty. At least, he was nice enough to issue me a temporary pass in a flash.
  7. Bad news from the team. :( This is a little personal so, I won't write about it here. But hearing this news really saddens me. I guess, part of it is because we cannot do anything.
I guess that's it! And I pray there won't be any additional. Good morning monday to me, indeed.

For the record, I did reach the office at 6:59 :)

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