my 2011 travel

Last year, I promised myself that I will travel. And yes, I did. Too many place, so little time (too bad, budget is quite tight -- travelling could really cost you! haha!)

hmmn.. so here's an account of he places I visited last year. (I'm too lazy to blog that's why it took a year before I could post these things..) I hope I can still remember the events from last year.. well, here it goes..

February : Anawangin - Nagsasa - Capones Island tour
This is a TREAT sponsored event. (So, it is a little cheaper than if you go there by yourselves).
It was really fun since it is my dream to go camping there.
Good thing, Leander and Kray kept me company. Plus this is the first out of town with my sex and the city friends, Jen and Apple. We really had a lot of fun plus a lot of muscle pain!

March : Mt. Pinatubo
And since Mitchy is a fan of trekking, here we are,conquering Mt. Pinatubo.
It was really a very exciting experience since we had to ride a 4x4, cross little rivers and walk for almost 2 hours just to reach the crater -- but mind you, seeing the crater is really worth it! I never imagined a volcano's crater to look like it. It was like a lake -- harmless and silent. But the truth is another story :)

June : Let's go Singapore!
And after my 2009 HK trip, SG naman ang napagtripan namin for 2011. It was a family trip, but my sister, who is in Japan, wasn't able to join us. The nice part was, my father agreed to join us (I still believe he is afraid to ride airplanes that is why he declined the HK trip 2 years ago.. haha!)

September : the Cebu - Bohol Invasion
So September became a barkada getaway -- Ate Ruby, Glenn, Leander, Kray and I ventured to Cebu and Bohol! This is my first domestic travel via plane haha! All day touring Cebu and Bohol really drained our energy but it was really nice visiting all those historical sites! Thanks to our talkative tour guides.. haha!

October : Ay ay Boracay + Baler!
Boracay - this was my first travel with my bestfriend. For unknown reasons, we don't get to travel  by ourselves. Haha! Well, we did everything from ATV, karting, helmet dive to parasailing!! It was my dream to experience parasailing so I was really happy that we did it! (the cost was another story!) We went home broke! LOL! But the trip was really fun except that we forgot to swim in the boracay waters.. LOL! We'll do that next time :p

then we had a "family" outing to Baler. And by "family" I mean, Leo, Mona and I. Haha!
Surfing was always a scary thing for me, but whenever I get comfortable on the surfboard and managed to stand up, I simply can't stop! I went home with a cut from the surfboard's fin and I was really really sun kissed! haha! Good news is, we'll be surfing again this year! yay!

So, 2011 really got me broke from all the travelling I've done. So, I promised myself to minimize travelling this year. Haha! Well, so far, Coron, La Union and CDO are in the line up. Haha! Too much for my New Year's resolution.

Well, I guess the Lord is just really gracious! Thank you Lord, 2011 really is a year of blessing!

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