the shoe story

It was gloomy this morning so for unknown reasons, I decided to wear boots to work. And since today is a Thursday, after 6 long months, I decided to attend our YA Care Group. I am usually out by 4pm so I need to wait for 3 and a half hours for the 730pm care group.

So, I decided to loiter around megamall -- have dinner and read a book (Don't waste your Life). When it was about 630pm, I decided to walk around the mall to look for a restroom. Knowing my ever so reliable self, I got lost. I didn't find the elevator to the restroom I was eyeing for, but I found a mendrez shop which, for unknown reasons, too, is having a sale! I saw this cute wedge summer shoes and it was love at first sight (whatever!). So, being my impulsive self, I bought it, not knowing why. Haha!

Then I went to the BreadCom Center for the care group. It was really so nice to see everyone again and I thank God that they are not judgmental of me being absent for so long. I had so much fun and I feel thankful that the Lord brought me to the care group today.

All of a sudden, the "unknown reason" was revealed to me by God. I wore boots this morning and bought a new shoes this afternoon because I will be used by God as a blessing for ate Cris, who is going to Australia for a conference this Sunday. I heard it's winter there and she needs boots for the weather. And there!

The Lord proved to me today that everything really does happen for a reason! Thank you Lord! And may Your Name continuously be glorified in my life!

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