it's almost my birthday!

well, my birthday is just around the corner.. and there -- i can't think of anything i really want as a gift..

but then, i thought, what would i buy if i have all the money i could spend?

and then it started.. hahaha!

1. this bag. (or any bag that can stand on its own)
2. this kind of sandal. (hmmn.. but i like it lesser formal)
3. this mini "i" thing

4. this car or maybe a license first :p

5. or even a unit here

haha! maybe that's a little too much.. when all i really wanted is

a massage

a movie

dinner with friends

balloons!! (lot's of 'em)

flowers :) -- and yes, i don't like them too many.

and cute cupcakes or maybe an ice cream cake :p

... i guess these will really put a smile on my face..
but then.. i have a trip the day after my birthday so i guess i can only have the dinner with friends thing.

haha! not too bad. not too bad at all.

happy birthday, tina! :D

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