the year that was..

is it possible that something that started so badly might end well..? hmmmnn.. the end does not always justify the means.. or does it..?

my year was not what i truly expected. it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. mostly, unexpected; a little anticipated..

i have been hurt by the people who left, the people who stayed and the people who came. funny. but then again, this year wouldn't be any different from all other years if not for such occurrences.

i cried. i laughed. i gossiped. i lied. i smiled. i cared. i loathed. i loved.

simple to say but truly devastating.

sleepless nights. wet pillows. crazy ideas.

prayerfully hoping that everything will turn out right., what could be in store for me for 2009..? more tears? more smiles? haha! can't wait to find out!

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