my 2009

hmmnn... so much for my expectations for 2009..

was not so bad.. had my 1st new year celebration in our office..

hmmnn.. fixed issues with a very special friend.. it was really nice.. and comforting..
and it's mplayer day hahaha! more coffee.. more kreme..

moved to a new project.. new life.. new friends.. still misses the old dragon faces.. nothing beats the first :D

then there was our pagudpud trip...

nothing much for april.. training days.. trying to learn SAP..

the much awaited hongkong trip.. haha! funfunfun!! lotsa walk.. lotsa water.. lotsa smiles :D

.. went home sick and yet the thermal scanner never stopped me from having fun.. haha! so much for the dreaded AH1N1 virus! (thank you Lord)

back to work.. back to training..

FASST -- my new project's GO LIVE!! party mode
and of course, it's m best friend's birthday.. hmmnn.. unfortunately, got no pictures for that event.. haha! but we played lazer tag.. haha! and it was fun! :)

back to the old bum.. work.. sleep.. work.. and almost no play..
haha! can't even remember if i ever get to see a movie last august.. haha!

went to baguio.. reunited with special friends back in college.. it was a night of bowling.. food.. coffee.. laughters and pictures!

btw, we also celebrated my brother's birthday.. although it was raining really hard.. (typhoon pa nga e) it never stopped us from having fun.. we never even thought that marikina was already almost 6 feet under water..

wala.. haha! wala akong maisip na nagyari ng october.. haha! i might have been sooOoo excited for november that's why :)

it's my birthday! the 27th is TINA day!

i actually celebrated it 4 times.. hahaha! sooOooo happy! lalo na sa surprise party sa house.. haha! plus a cute dress from my kuya :D

hmmnn.. highlight: resignation! hahaha! yep.. buhbye accenture for me.. nevertheless, i get to enjoy all the christmas bonus and 13th month pay.. hahaha! plus! the christmas party!

guess that's just a glimpse of the snapshots of my 2009.. never thought i'd survive it.. thanks for being part of it!

all the love,
tina :p

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