an open letter

i once read an open letter a girl made for the "would-be" man in her life. i was really inspired by it that i started writing my own. i wrote letters a couple of times but it seems i can't get my message through. her letter was perfect and heartwarming. so, here i am, trying to make a sense of my thoughts; draining myself to write the perfect letter for you.

dear you,

honestly, i don't really know if you exist. every night, i dream of the "you" who would hold my hand while i sleep. i pray each night-- wishing that tomorrow would be the special day when i would finally get to meet you. each morning would be another story, however, since up to now, the you and the me still haven't met.

some people might think that i'm setting my standards so high that is why up to now, i still haven't given my heart to someone. i have my own share of heartbreaks and tears and the Lord only knows how'd i cried myself at night. i made myself strong, i must say, but there is still the silent wish that meeting you would remove all the fears and doubts in my heart.

i know i'd never get to be on a magic carpet ride nor be serenaded by a prince charming by my window. however, i still believe that it'll be a happy ever after. in fact, i am completely looking forward to the perfect love story the Lord has prepared for us.

by the time we finally meet, i do hope i do not corrupt your idea of your dream princess. i may not be the head turner you've been thinking of -- with the perfect tiara and ball gown. in fact, i may just be wearing my usual shirt and chucks, sitting by the bench. meeting me may not even feel like hearing the music "just the way you are" in the background. just a disclaimer so you wouldn't have to expect.

i may be annoying, which my little brother always complains about, since after several years of teaching me the rules of basketball i still cannot comprehend it. i may cling to your arm or sleep a lot on your shoulders but it's just because i feel much safer and confident when i can feel another person's body beside me.

you may hate it when i do not finish my plate, but please be patient with me as i always have morning sickness even though i am not pregnant. i never liked the idea of being mocked in front of people i do not know so please never make fun of me during those awkward moments. i also do not share a lot of things about myself, that's why i hope you do listen to things i blabber about because it would really mean a lot to me.

i am not perfect and i'm quite a pain. in fact, sometimes, you might want to throw me out the window. but i do promise to be your best friend -- the person who'd be there to cheer you up whenever you're down, the keeper of your secrets and the person who'd be there for you when you feel that the world has turned it's back on you.

i will love you for you.

and together, we would ride bicycles and roller coasters. taking all the pictures we can get. and you'll be there by my side as we travel the world and get lost in cities we've never been to.

you and me.

i know we would constantly argue over petty things like who pays for the movie or what the dog's name would be. but i know, in my heart, that you'll be the man whose smile i would wake up in the morning and the last one i kiss at night.

you'll be in my prayers and i hope i am in yours.

so to the man i don't know exist -- you, who i cannot wait to love, please know that i can't wait to spend my life with you. but for now, i'll be here-- waiting, fingers crossed and in silent prayer, that somewhere, you are also waiting for me too.

all the love,


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