simple joys

well.. i found a lot of interesting things these past days.. things i want.. things i need..

hoping i could exhaust my list by the end of 2011 :)

treat myself for a delightful ice cream cake.

eat another bowl of soup. i just cant simply resist.

itouch. it's been an on and off relationship with my longing for this toy.
{ticking this as done. it may not be a touch, but a nano plus an ipod 1st gen isnt bad.. at all}

i can't afford a laptop, so this'll do. a portable usb dvd player.

well, i never realized the need until now.
{ticking this as done. a USB disguised as a baller?!? what could even be better than that? thanks TR!}

badly needed. my netbook is falling apart.

lately, i'm turning blind. i need to get my eyes checked.
{ticking this as done. diagnosis: astigmatism. glasses: kaching! another cheers to TR!}

still wishing i could own you.
{ticking this as half done. haha! wait upon the Lord. :)}

i found the perfect bag i wanted here. unfortunately, their website doesn't have the picture. not bad for a 2000 peso worth need. or is it?
{ticking this as done. i had mine c/o super bait macho pinsan :)}

i like the black better. hope i could save up for this. although i found an alternative which is worth 11% of the sales price of this kenneth cole stunner.
{ticking this as done. it may not be the kenneth cole, but when does fossil watches fall from the sky anyway?}

isn't it just cute? i'll probably name her hachiko or hiccups.
{i think ill have you at PAUSED status. ill prayerfully consider you the moment i can support your living.. haha!}

now, it's time to face the bitter reality, that all these won't be beside me when i wake up tomorrow o.O

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